Celebrating our 160th Anniversary in 2023

Officers and Committee 2024

John Hayward

Vice Presidents
Cheril Reynolds, Karl Benton, Mike Gipson, Peter Gipson, Richard Gipson, Kenny Holmes, Brian Mason, John Oram

Chairman Richard Gipson

Captain Karl Benton

Vice Captains
Kellie Hathaway, James Russell, Rob Whelan

Honorary Treasurer
Mike McQuoney

Honorary Secretary
Richard Gipson

Club Welfare Officer
James Russell

Club Safety Advisor
Jim Atkin

Management Committee Members
Emma Benton, Jen Cheetham, Milena Kunicka, Beth McQuoney, Mandie McQuoney, Anna Shaw, Katie Walker, Mike Gipson, John Oram

Delegate to British Rowing Kellie Adams

Delegates to the Burton Amateur Regatta Association
Karl Benton, Richard Gipson, + two positions vacant

Delegates to the Burton Head Committee
Karl Benton, Richard Gipson, + two positions vacant

Richard Gipson, John Hayward, John Oram

Honorary Auditor
Mike Gipson.